Wednesday, 17 January 2007

15-22nd Jan

A story about how Hilary Clinton and others are now announcing their presidential campaigns on the web (in favour of a televised speech in a hall) (22nd Jan):,,1995721,00.html

UK independent music labels band together to create 'Merlin' - a new organisation to cocordinate and control their licensing online (22nd Jan):,,1995650,00.html

Why magazine formats are starting to look online (22nd Jan):,,1995276,00.html

An article on a US murder motivated by jealousy between two men about their online relationship with a young woman ... who wasn't a young woman (22nd Jan):

Microsoft Vista's new DRM protection comes under fire (22nd Jan):

Internet / Video games:
An article about how the right wing, French 'Front National' has become the first political party to open up an HQ online in Second Life and the virtual protests that resulted (including avatar protestors throwing 'exploding pigs' ... (20th Jan):,,1994882,00.html

Security / Cinema:
News that a hacker claims to have cracked the AACs (Advanced Access Content System) used on the new HDDVDs (also used on the Blu-Ray system) (19th Jan):§or=Industries&subsector=SecurityAndDefense The story was first posted at the end of December 2006. See:

An article on the drive for new touch-sensitive screens to replace older interfaces (18th Jan):,,1992309,00.html

A great article on the current state of the digital music market. 'New music players, a growing number of broadband connections and a proliferation of online stores helped digital music sales double last year but the surge was still not enough to reverse a declining music market.
Record companies' digital sales jumped to $2bn (£1bn) in 2006 from $1.1bn a year earlier and continued to take market share, according to the latest update from the global industry group IFPI yesterday. Downloads to mobile phones, computers and music players now make up 10% of global music sales but as sales of physical formats such as CDs continue to fall, digital has not come to the rescue'. (18th Jan):,,1992749,00.html

One of the biggest stories this week is the racist abuse of Shilpa Shetty on the UK's Celebrity Big Brother which has provoked protests in India. Whilst much of their knowledge comes from newspaper reports as India cannot receive Big Brother on television and Channel 4 has blocked the live web stream outside the UK, The Guardian (18th Jan, p. 3) say that clips from the programme have been made available on Youtube.

China tests a missile against an old space satellite ... heralding, perhaps, a new development in 'information warfare' (19th Jan):

A US lawsuit linking Myspace to sexual assault. News Corp and Myspace sued by parents (18th Jan): see also (19th Jan):,,1994438,00.html and

An article on CD remastering and the problems of increasing noise (18th Jan):,,1992325,00.html

On the move to digital cinema at the multiplex (18th Jan):,,1992327,00.html

Myspace is developing new security software to help parents (18th Jan):

Mobile Phones / Television:
An article on the failure so far of mobile television (17th Jan):,,1991842,00.html

2m Chinese teens addicted to the internet, according to report (17th Jan):

Apple reports a 78% surge in profits in the 3 months to Dec 30th 2006, boosted by Christmas sales of the ipod (17th Jan):

Future Technology:
On the development of a new robot to help combat snipers (17th Jan):

Digital music sees sales double: global digital music sales have almost doubled to around $2bn (£1bn) in 2006, according to an industry report, now constituting 10% of all sales. The IFPI's 2007 Digital Music Report said consumers last year downloaded 795 million tracks, up 89% on 2005, from almost 500 legitimate online music services available in 40 countries (17th Jan): But see also a recent report that US album sales fell 4% in 2006 (5th Jan):
Mobile Phones:
Naomi Campbell admits she hit her maid with a 'jewel-encrusted cellphone' ... (17th Jan):

Future Technology:
An article on the spread of virtual reality technology in the business world (17th Jan):

Internet /Television:
Skype founders move into internet TV broadcasting with a new service called 'Joost' (16th Jan): This month's Wired magazine has a story about it at:,72506-0.html?tw=wn_index_1 as does The Guardian (22nd Jan):,,1995274,00.html

Video Games:
An expansion pack for World of Warcraft goes on sale (16th Jan):

A story from Wired on how Yahoo was overtaken in online advertising by Google:,72497-0.html?tw=wn_index_2

Internet / Cinema:
Netflix introduces an instant-viewing service for subscribers to watch TV shows and movies over the web (16th Jan):

Mobile Phones:
a Californian man is apparently set alight by his cellphone ... (16th Jan):

Iraq's newest cult hit - an insurgent satellite television channel (an example of new media digital television niche programming ...) (15th Jan):,,1990353,00.html

UK's Channel 4 faces a funding gap as profits 'plummet' - caused by advertisers reducing their spending on television (implicitly shifting their spending to new media) (14th Jan):,,1990376,00.html

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