Wednesday, 5 September 2007

MS-352 Virtual Life week 11

11. 1010011010 – The Number of the Beast? Technology, A.I.s and Digital Apocalypticism

‘We don’t know who struck first – us, or them. But we know that it was us that scorched the sky… Morpheus (The Matrix)

For some, contemporary technological advances, the pace of change and its visible effects are a disturbing force. Alongside developments in technology runs a cultural discourse of fear, warning of apocalyptic consequences to come from its path of development. The aim of this lecture is to explore some of these extreme responses to the contemporary world, covering techno cults such as ‘Heaven’s Gate’; individual terrorist responses such as the Unabomber’s campaign and his anti-technological manifesto; ideological responses to technology such as anarcho-primitivism and radical environmentalism, as in the work of John Zerzan and Daniel Quinn; fears of human conflict over the future choice of path, as in the ideas of De Garis, and popular cultural fears of the consequences for human life of evolved machinic life, such as in The Matrix and The Terminator series.


Obviously much of the reading for the weeks covering The Matrix, posthumanism, and machinic evolution and A.I, is relevant here too. More specificially look at:

On the Unabomber:

‘FC’ – (2005) Industrial Society and its Future (‘The Unabomber Manifesto’) Fliquarian Publishing [1995], available online at:

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‘An Interview with Kaczynski’:

On John Zerzan and Anarcho-primitivism:

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For other influences upon this movement see also:

Freud, S. (2004) Civilisation and its Discontents, London: Penguin [1930].

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On Hugo De Garis:

De Garis, H. (2005) The Artilect War: Cosmists vs. Terrans, Etc. Publications

On Machinic Life and A.I War:

See the reading on The Matrix for week 3 and watch:

Cameron, J. (2003) The Terminator, MGM [DVD 1984]
(2003) Terminator 2: Judgement Day, MGM [DVD 1991]

Wachowski, A. and L. (1999) The Matrix, Warner Bros [DVD]
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