Saturday, 20 December 2008

November Digital Media News Stories

The mouse turns 40 (30th Nov):

The leading Chinese search engine has been accused of allowing unlicensed medical services to buy high search rankings (29th Nov):

An article on the 20th anniversary of satellite TV (29th Nov):

A new mode of citizen journalism comes to the fore during the 26th-29th November Mumbai terror attacks – live updates by those caught up in the shootings via Twitter (28th Nov): See also (1st Dec):

Mobile Phones:
Apple has another iPhone ad banned after ‘really fast’ internet access claims (27th Nov):

Digital sales overtake CD sales at Atlantic Records – the first label where this has happened (27th Nov):

The Guardian newspaper hires its own satellite and manages to track down the hijacked Sirius Star Saudi supertanker off Somalia (27th Nov):

A feud between two TV anchors at Philadelphia’s local CBS station leads one to snoop on the other’s emails, leading to a court case and his sacking (26th Nov):

Porn/Privacy: offer an article on the rise in ‘upskirt’ photography and the posting of material on the internet (25th Nov):

Police in Florida are investigating after a teenager appeared to kill himself live on the internet after being goaded by other web surfers (22nd Nov):

Newspapers are delighted as the BBC scraps its plans to deliver local news content on the web (22nd Nov):

The EU’s prototype digitisation of material from its most important libraries and museums etc. crashes with 10m hits an hour on its launch day (21st Nov):

China winning cyberwar, Congress is warned (21st Nov):

A BNP membership list is leaked online, leading to police and other services scanning the members for serving officers. Exposed members are contacted by the press for comments (20th Nov):

Digital Media Use:
A report o our ‘digital addiction’ – our digital media use (20th Nov):

Fears over Australia’s plans to impose compulsory filters over net content (20th Nov):

Virtual Worlds:
Victor Keegan on the rise of virtual worlds and his own experience of Second Life (16th Nov):

A story about how Obama will take presidential radio broadcasts into the digital age. This week he reached out to the American public using a Youtube video (16th Nov):

The UK government back the idea of naming and shaming ISPs over the speed with which they take down offensive material (15th Nov):

Virtual Worlds:
A Second Life affair leads to a real-life divorce. A couple who met in an internet chatroom and moved in together in RL argued after he was caught having sex with a prostitute in Second Life. They split up in SL though stayed together in RL. Then she set a ‘honey trap’ in SL to test her husband again which he passed and they got back together in SL, marrying in a SL ceremony. They soon married in RL too in a 2005 ceremony. She then found her husband chatting with a woman in SL and filed for divorce in RL … The story then goes global … (14th Nov): The story then develops as a pair of reporters logging onto SL get the interview scoop RL reporters camped outside the couple’s home couldn’t get (14th Nov): The BBC coverage also offers an explanation of avatar sex (14th Nov):

Google uses its data collection power to predict the spread of flu up to two weeks in advance of existing public services (13th Nov):

Virtual Worlds:
Users of Google earth can now navigate a virtual reconstruction of ancient Rome on 1st April AD320 (13th Nov):

Social Networking:
After blocking US military access to Youtube the Pentagon unveils its own ‘Trooptube’ video-sharing service to aid family communication for serving forces (13th Nov):

An article on the problems of licensing software (13th Nov):

A report by the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution questions the safety of nanomaterials in our products (12th Nov):

News of more than a dozen foreign raids by US forces against Al-Qaida, often using electronic surveillance and reconnaissance such as Predator drones: rais included ‘a 2006 navy Seal raid on a suspected militant compound in Pakistan's Bajaur region. The CIA watched the entire operation live in Virginia through a camera mounted on a Predator drone.The unmanned Predators have become an increasingly popular tool of the CIA and US military forces. More and more Predators are being switched from Iraq to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, partly to step up the hunt for Bin Laden in the last days of the Bush administration and partly because of the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan’ (11th Nov):

John Naughton on the failure of the US Republican party to use digital media as successfully as Obama in their presidential campaign (9th Nov):

An article on the Virgin media chief discussing the recent settlement with Sky over their channels and the state of Virgin TV and the digital TV market (7th Nov):

ITV sees its revenues slide again as advertising downturn and online shift takes hold (6th Nov):

An article on Ray Kurzweil and the idea of the ‘singularity’ (6th Nov):

A Chinese official is sacked over claims he assaulted a girl at a restaurant. Video footage led to his identification by Chinese internet users – the human search engine (5th Nov):

Sky and Virgin end their actions and channels row (5th Nov):

A Which report questions the safe use of nanoparticles in cosmetics (5th Nov):

Virgin sacks 13 after staff post comments on Facebook referring to passengers as ‘chavs’ (1st Nov):


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