Sunday, 21 September 2008

MS2.0 Paper - Lincoln University 22nd Oct

I'm giving the following paper at Lincoln University on 22nd October:

'Ask the Audience' and 'Say What You See'? ... Time to Upgrade Media Studies


Media studies was a product of the broadcast era, originating with the rise of broadcast media and limiting itself to the study of their mass communication. Unable to study media production, hostile to technology and with a limited interest in theoretical and historical issues, media studies gradually became dominated by an emphasis upon audience research and analyses of broadcast content. In an ironic reflection of the media it claimed to study, ‘ask the audience’ and ‘say what you see’ became the central disciplinary research methods and knowledge. The passage to a post-broadcast era, however, requires a corresponding disciplinary change: one that upgrades the discipline to reflect contemporary digital changes, rethinks its organising categories and returns to broader and more diverse intellectual and media histories to understand a changed media ecology. This is a call for a new media studies: a Media Studies 2.0

It's part of the Research & Professional Practice Seminar Series in the Faculty of Media, Humanities & Technology. From 5pm.

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