Sunday, 21 September 2008

New Book: Jean Baudrillard: Fatal Theories

Coming out any day now in hardback, a new book co-edited by myself, David Clarke, Marcus Doel and Richard Smith (Swansea University) - Jean Baudrillard: Fatal Theories. Email the publisher Routledge and ask for a paperback edition as soon as possible.

It's based on the 2006 conference, 'Engaging Baudrillard', held at Swansea. Baudrillard couldn't attend due to illness but he sent a new essay, 'On Disappearance' which is included here (along with another essay by him - a 1992 lecture published for the first time).


Introduction The evil genius of Jean Baudrillard David B. Clarke, Marcus A. Doel, William Merrin and Richard G. Smith

1. The vanishing point of communication- Jean Baudrillard

2. On disappearance - Jean Baudrillard

3. Commentaries on Jean Baudrillard’s ‘On disappearance’ - Rex Butler, David B. Clarke, Marcus A. Doel, Gary Genosko, Douglas Kellner, Mark Poster, Richard G. Smith, Andrew Wernick

4. Baudrillard’s taste - Rex Butler

5. Floral tributes, binge-drinking and the Ikea riot considered as an up-hill bicycle race - William Merrin

6. Better than butter: margarine and simulation - Gary Genosko

7. Baudrillard and the art conspiracy - Douglas Kellner

8. ‘Mirror, mirror:’ The Student of Prague in Baudrillard, Kracauer and Kittler - Graeme Gilloch

9. The Gulf War revisited - Philip Hammond

10. Fate of the animal - Paul Hegarty

11. Reality: now and then: Baudrillard and W-Bush’s America - Diane Rubenstein

12. Baudrillard’s sense of humour - Mike Gane

13. The (un)sealing of the penultimate - Andrew Wernick

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